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Shariq (“Rising Sun”) is a Spiritual teacher, author, clairvoyant, healer, medium and channel for the Ascended Masters, Archangels and other Galactic and Cosmic beings of light available to assist humanity at this exciting time of planetary ascension.

Shariq is based in Palm Springs, California. Services are provided
in-person in Palm Springs, or via phone or Skype

Shariq's FREE Spring Equinox Meditation & Channeling Conference Call - Saturday March 21st @ 2pm PST

Dear Friends,

As we go through the 7th Uranus-Pluto square today, on March 16th, of this grand Shift in Consciousness, we are all being moved forward at very accelerated speeds to step into new freedoms, and are being encouraged to let go of the old.

This Spring Equinox is a stargate, a portal to newer, higher consciousness for humanity. The 7 Uranus-Pluto squares of the past 3 years have been opening our 7 chakras multidimensionally to new frequencies, according to our soul plan and blueprints.

My conference call on Saturday 3-21-15 at 2pm Pacific Standard Time will create openings for anchoring Lemurian consciousness further into our planet, and for ourselves.

We will be working with Archangel Michael and the collective of light and will be focused on the Lemurian portals opening in Hawaii and working also with the grid and Gaia to connect these openings across the planet into greater freedoms as old densities and programmings are let go with greater ease for the collective as we go through this portal.

The experience each of us has post this Equinox will even more amplify depending on the frequency we are holding and our attention points.

The expansion of multidimensionality through the Lemurian openings that will be brought forward will ease timelines for us and for humanity.

If you wish to participate in the call, please email me at Put Equinox Lemuria Call as the subject title and let me know that you would like to participate.

I will then email you the dial-in info.

Thank you for playing and co-creating if you so choose.

Many blessings,

Shariq's Book: Timeless Awakening is now available for purchase!!
We are in the midst of a massive Shift in Consciousness to the Golden Age of being, one, where you, as a Spirit in a human body will finally begin to recognize that you are grand, glorious and that what had seemed a reality was actually an illusion of playing small.

Comprised of 99 channeled inspirational pieces, this book is structured as an awakening and cleansing process for each of your chakras, starting at the root chakra and moving to the crown chakra and the geometries of creation that unfold from there, leading to a process of self-recognition and self-alignment with your divine nature.

The energies channeled include many beings of light: Ra, Kuthumi, Mother Mary, Hathors, Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel, among others.

He has channeled a new holistic healing system, Golden Sun Healing, that uses 24 channeled ancient symbols, colored light rays, crystal healing, and sound healing.

During healing sessions, Shariq channels energies and sound healings from the Ascended Masters Archangels, and Galactic Beings, including the Arcturians and Pleaidians.

The 24 symbols that can be used in the chakras of the body to pinpoint specific organs of the Physical body, or specific problems in the Emotional, Mental and Spiritual parts of the Etheric body that comprise your aura. The symbols are patterns that help direct Spiritual Healing Energy to the specific parts of your PEMS body that needs work.

Shariq uses sound healing to create foundational change within the cellular structure of your body, allowing for the light body to resurrect itself as the ascension continues apace.

Shariq's name means “The Rising Sun”. The sunrise is a symbol of the manifestation of life, the source of nourishment of all living things on Planet Earth. Everything that progresses, grows and blooms is linked to the rising sun and derives sustenance from this transmitter of cosmic energy from the Great Central Sun.

The philosophy of the Golden Sun Healing method is that we all can discover our inner Sun, the spark of the Creator that dwells within each of us.

Services offered include:
Clairvoyant Reading

Follow Up Consultation

Goddess Reading And Activation
Ascended Master Reading
Coaching Sessions
Hands-On-Healing Session

Releasing Root Chakra Fears and Manifesting a Future of Prosperity & Abundance
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Website Updates as of 3-23-15

" As of January 1st, 2014 I am offering NEW reading services , which are listed below. With the additional wisdom gained, I am excited to provide an even higher level of insight and guidance to clients. Blessings to all"
Clairvoyant Reading
Follow Up Consultation
Goddess Reading And Activation
Ascended Master Reading
Coaching Sessions
Hands-On-Healing Session

1.For the October 2013 message, Mary Magdalene, on behalf of the collective of light, provides perspectives on the quantum jumps available in timelines post the Fall Equinox on September 22nd, and how October is a month of joy and conscious choosing amid considerable change in the external world. Using the Fire light of our Source selves, we are given a gift with which to see clearly and more expansively, on how to choose pathways that we never thought could be available, but which now can be manifested from the Christed light and love that we hold within. (Length: 17 minutes)

2. In the September 2013 channeling, after setting the energy, Mary Magdalene brings in Archangel Metatron to bring in a gift, an activation that prepares us to anchor in aspects of our Higher Self in the higher truth of our own magnificence. This transmission and activation can be repeated several times to access new information that is downloaded for your specific journey. (Length: 20 minutes)

3. In this transmission, Mary Magdalene brings through energetics and sound frequencies to assist us to create a new platform of self-awareness and conscious choice into higher light, as the Shift now accelerates magnificently. (Length: 13 minutes)

4. In Mother Mary's May message, a set of higher dimensional frequencies are streamed to allow us to flow in the Christed light that is flooding the planet in specific geometries of creation that align us very directly with our Higher Selves and allow for the next steps to be shown very easily in the fluidity of change as the month of May unfolds.

Many revelations, ahas and understandings will flow in May that will surprise us. In the flow of divine love and unity consciousness, all will be perfecly timed with the flowering from Spring into the fruits of Summer as our multidmensional trees of life are alighted and watered in golden liquid light. Many blessings.!

5 . Well, the Shift is certainly accelerating. And so, Mother Mary has amped up the energetics in this transmission for April. In this channeling (Length: 23 minutes), she streams Emerald color coded enegetics from the Great Pyramid that allow us to move, as we so choose, rapidly into reclaiming the magical and balanced solar/lunar male/female formats of Lemuria, prior to the Fall of Consciousness in ways that are best suited for our journeys. Mother Mary also talks about the shifting timelines of April and how important it is to consciously create now, every day, from present time. Yeshua makes a guest appearance towards the end of the channeling.

Much love to all!

6 . In Mother Mary's transmission for March 2012, she brings energetics of expansive realignment into light and love which points us in the direction of the highest energetic possiblities, as they touch down in expansive new colors, alignments, patterns and sound codings during the potentials of the month of March.

Mother Mary also lays out the progression of potential energetic expansions on the planet in March, as, from the information that is coming through, surprising and exciting expansions into self-knowledge, self-love and manifestation within community will become sustainable in ways that have not been seen since before the Fall of Consciousness, allowing us to claim the golden self within that never loses value and has.always been.

Blessings and love to all,

7 . The Pleaidian Group Consciouness frequencies aligned with the Council of 12 have brought through a transmission about changes in light frequencies that are being made available now, as a result of binary star rebrithings in the Pleaides which allow for a focused alignment of the ascension into its highest timelines, as binary codes within our holograph are reset.

The transmission has energetics that allows our bodies to tune into these potentials and the unfoldments for the pineal gland that they expand.

Very exciting times are about to unfold!

8 . Mother Mary's February 2012 Message "Threshing Through the Fields of Change" was quite unexpected for me, as I found myself channeling farming imagery, having been a city boy all my life! I was quite amused. I think you will find the message to be inspiring, yet urgent, cogently nudging each of us to be very conscious about choices we make right now during the month of February, as much gets set now in preparation for the March Equinox. There are also references to shifting world events and the importance of humanely helping one another. Mother Mary also brings through energetics of fluidity, joy and expansion in this transmission. (MP3 audio recording - 17 Minutes)

Blessings and love to all. Let the adventure of 2012 continue!

9 . Mother Mary brought through a message on 1-1-12 on the expansive potientials for co-creation as a beautiful quilting between humanity, spirit and Gaia and all the kingdoms on Gaia as the accelerated months of 2012 proceed.

I will be bringing through an updated message from Mother Mary for each month of 2012 to provide energetics of support, compassion and wisdom to align us into the highest potentials to co-manifest and co-create the highest ease-filled timelines of this very certain ascension, which is happening NOW.

Blessings to all, and stay in ease and self-love. Each of us is being challenged right now to let go of who we are not. Let the illusions and fears leave with ease and grace. Love yourself and recognize the divine being of light and love that you are.

10 . Quan Yin came forward for Christmas to provide frequencies of love, succor and Christed understadings and to relay the tremendous success of what we have already achieved in anchoring expansive love codes to move the ascension into ease-filled timelines. The channeling is available as a pdf file in the panel on the left hand side.

Wishing everyone a wonderful, joyous and celebratory New Year of 2012. This is the one we have been waiting for!

11. As we now accelerate into 2012, the 12-12 marker of 2011 has set many new energetics of light and of Christed love into a new stability, allowing the portals off 11-11-11 to move into quite fantastic manifestations quickly now.

In a channeling session I held on 12-12-11, Christ Yeshua came forward with Mary Magdalene to anchor in these new Christed frequencies into our energetic fields in a new stability that is now available post 12-12. Mary Magdalene brings in expanded Goddess Divine Feminine frequencies with wide bandwidths from the constellation of Casseopia.

These energetics are very strong and transformational. You will know if you are called to experience them.

The recording is available in the left-hand frame entitled : "The Divinity Within" (Length: 39 Minutes).

Many blessings to all. What a wonderful time is ahead for us in 2012 as the holograph shifts dramatically now. Stay in ease and in Christed love. And let the illusions dissipate in the natural return to love and light, our natural divine state.

12. In a transmission for these times of movement into the final stages of the Mayan calendar, Archangel Michael brings forth powerful energetics to allow us to claim our magnificence and our mastery by opening our hearts to the abundance and co-creation that is available for the taking now, as the holograph begins to dissolve, and as we see the light that has always been, and a new world emerges that exceeds our wildest dreams.

I send much love to all. Many blessings and enjoy the Shift. This is what you came here for!

13. We are stepping into very new energies of co-creation, community and being in the flow of the New Earth post the July 1st, 2011 Solar Eclipse. In celebration of this flow into the light of absolution, change, and reformation, Archangel Metatron came forward at a channeling circle I held on 6-30-11 to activate us to new timelines. He guides us into a meditation with energetics to allow us to defy gravity and move into timelines that align with these new times of the birthing of the New Earth.

The recording is available as a MP3 download from the left-hand panel entitled "Defying Gravity" (Length: 27 minutes).

May these times of acceleration continue to assist us to let go of what no longer serves us, and to find the peace, divinity and eternal joy within. Many blessings, Shariq.

14. At a channeling circle I held on 6-14-11 for the June Lunar Eclipse, Archangel Michael came forward to explain the momentous changes that are occuring on Earth NOW, as of this eclipse, and how important it is to choose to stay aligned with the spiraling path into unity consciousness, towards merging with the Monad. (19 minutes)

Thoth then came forward with a very high-powered activation to accelerate connections with the Higher Self via a balancing of masculine and feminine in the Heart space, and he creates an alchemical topology that creates a new connection between these frameworks for you. (19 minutes)

I offer the recordings of both channelings as MP3 files in the panel on the left-hand side, to assist you at this time of radical and fantastic change as the Shift accelerates this summer.

15. I am offering a FREE 34-minute meditation that came through at a book signing event in Massachussetts recently. In this meditation, available on the left-hand panel, the energetics of Mother Mary, Kuthumi, Gautama Buddha and Quan Yin assist us in aligning us to our blueprints, in preparation for the energetic amplications that will start this summer in June as we experience 3 eclipses.

I am also offering an Energy Forecast for the Summer months (6 minutes audio recording), information that came through in response to a question from an audience member, and Spirit has encouraged me to share this information with all of you. Remember to only hold on to what resonates with you and to stay happy and joyful as we move through a time of much expansion, change and joy. Blessings to all, Shariq.

16. At a channeling circle I held on April 25th, the Hathors group consciousness came forward with a beautiful message about the Unity Consciousness being seeded on the planet at this time, and carried energetics in the message to awaken us, through the constellation of Pisces, in our our highest potentials of entering this Unity Consciousness.

The Hathors also answered questions about Japan and 2012.

Thoth also came forward at this channeling circle with energetics to allow us to remember skills and magical abilities from Atlantis.

In case this channeling calls to you, I am offering a free MP3 dowloads of the channelings on the left-hand side panel (Length: 32 minutes).

17. Metatron came forward at a channeling circle I held on 3-30-11 with a message about Japan and the rapid world healing that is currently taking place. This channeling, "Pools of Light" is available on the left-hand panel as an audio download and a transcript.

Ezekiel also came forward to suggest grounded methods to deal with releasing the shadow pieces that are now coming up. This channeling is also available as a free download on the left.

Also, the quantum group consciousness energies of Quetzalcoatl came forward with light codes and energetics to align star seeds and lightworkers to the original source codes of the Mayan calendar, updated with frequencies of the new times, triggering deep bodily remembrances within our frames (Length: 12 minutes).

This Quetzalcoatl channeling is available for $11. Please send $11 via the donate button at the top of this page, and I will email the link for you to download the channeling.

18. In this time of the acceleration of frequency alignments into the celerity of the Mayan dawning of the Universal Underworld on March 9th, Archangel Michael came forward with a message in a circle I held on March 3rd celebrating this time of new light waves, and activating us to the potentials of our own divine possiblities of acceleration in the movement of this time.

In addition, Christ Sananda came forward with a Christ Consciousness activation for our heart spaces, preparing us for the Unity Consciousness that now dawns, allowing us to embrace and assimilate the shadow, instead of judging it.

And Grandfather came to assist us in anchoring these accelerated energetics into our own new dance on Gaia, using the directions of North, South, East and West, and merging with Father Sky and Mother Earth.

The audio recording of alll three channelings is available as a FREE download in the panel on the left-hand side (Length: 39 minutes)

19. As Chiron moved into Pisces on February 8th, 2011, the Pleaidian Emissaries of the Light came forward with a transmission to re-ignite the Divine Feminine within us with the light of Promethean fire, the aspects of which are to be rekindled in the remembering of our Lemurian heritage, accentuated and enlivened by the portals of access that they jump-started on this date. An audio recording is available in the panel on the left-hand side (Length: 18 minutes).

At this channeling circle, the energetics of Hermes Trismegestis and Gaia also came forward with transmissions to activate us to the new Divine Feminine light codes being made available through the star sisters of the Pleaides, and to help us integrate them within our bodies and ground them into our ascending timeline, to grow and spiral into our own highest, balanced flowerings, as the Shift proceeds.

The transmissions and activations of Hermes Trismegestis and Gaia are available for $22 as an audio download (Length: 36 minutes). If you wish to download the MP3 track, please send me $22 via the Donate button on the left and I will send you the link for the download.

20. Metatron came forward with a message on 1-17-11 regarding the timelines presaged by the movement of Jupiter into Aries on January 22nd. An audio recording is available in the panel on the left-hand side (Length: 19 minutes)

At the circle, the energies of Hiram and Quan Yin also came forward with a meditation and healing to release the shadow aspects that have gotten stuck in our spaces during the ascension process. They use an Archimedean solid with structural characteristics that allow for the lattice structure of fluid liquid light to release these resisting aspects via structural resonance.

This healing is available for $11 as an audio download (Length: 14 minutes). If you wish to download the MP3 track, please send me $11 via the Donate button on the left and I will send you the link for the download.

21. As we move forward on January 4th 2011, at this momentous time of a Solar Eclipse that heralds a highly significant and rare conjunction of Jupiter (the planet of good fortune) and Uranus (the planet of electrifying change), one that is directly in connection, in a square formation, to the galactic wisdom of Source that is the Galactic Center, I offer to you a message that Quan Yin brought forward about the energies of the Eclipse. (Length: 19 minutes)

Let us celebrate these times of rapid acceleration into life, light and truth.

22. I wish a wonderful, peaceful and vibrant holiday season to all. I offer the following three gifts to celebrate the season, links for which are to be found in the panel on the left-hand side.

To jumpstart the accelerated ascension energies that were portalized on 12-21-10, Archangel Michael came forward in a channeling circle I held with an activation for the Sacred Heart space, allowing us to take advantage of the dispensation from Source to align with higher frequencies of light. (Length: 28 minutes)

Frequencies of the Kuthumi Solar consciousness also came forward on 12-21-10 to bring forth an activation which reserrects the creative geometer within us. (Length: 13 minutes)

Kuthumi references an extract from my upcoming book, Timeless Awakening, which I read out aloud at my channeling circle, in advance of his channeling. Although it is not required, I would recommend you read this extract before listening to his channeling.

23. For the internet radio show "Living Consciously" on, I was interviewed on 12-20 for an hour by Monty Taylor, a well known astrologer and author.

On the radio show, which is available as a download on the left-hand panel, I discuss the energetics of the Solstice, what to expect in 2011, why things seem so hard right now, even as the Shift accelerates, and how to make the most of the moment. We also discuss symbology, Jungian astrology, the Law of Attraction and manifestation, what might happen with the economy, and I read an extract from my upcoming book: "Timeless Awakening: A Spiritual Path for Aligning with Your Divine Self."

24. A wonderful December 2010 and holiday season to all! I have channeled a message from Metatron heralding the new energies that are entering our spaces in December. The channeling includes an activation for your heart space. (Length: 16 minutes)

25. At a channeling circle I held for 11-11-10 Spirit came through with several general messages which I have posted in the panel on the left.

Mother Mary talks about the compression of energies coming post 11-11 and advises us on how to proceed, bringing with her energies that attune us to our divine blueprints through the months of change ahead. (Length: 27 minutes)

Hilarion talks about upcoming changes to the economy that will be initiated with the 11-11 energies and brings energies that allow lightworkers to release fears around manifesting abundance. (Length: 14 minutes)

Metatron brings forth energies to activate Indigos to new levels of awakening with the 11-11 portal, and also activates our inner child to move to new levels of community, leaving behind old paradigms of separateness and isolation. (Length: 12 minutes)

26. I have channeled a brief message Mother Mary brought forward for the 11-5-10 New Moon, which is available via the link below.
Mother Mary's 11-5-10 New Moon Message

As referenced in her message, I am offering a FREE channeled meditation "Venus: Self Love & Repatterning", which I brought forth earlier this year (available on the left-hand side panel)

Track 1 - Mother Mary provides an introductory message on the opportunities to recalibrate through the portals that are opening, into new vibrations of self-love, leving old, limiting images of lack of self-worth behind. Sanat Kumara leads a meditation where you are ensconced within his golden light to release pictures and mirrors others have held up to you from your past (Length: 50 minutes)

Track 2 - A channeling and meditation from the planetary consciousness of Venus, where you are re-patterned and imprinted into a new sense of self-love, self-worth. (Length: 23 minutes)

27. The Arcturians have brought forward for humanity an activation that prepares us as the ascension accelerates on the Fall Equinox, to step into higher frequencies of our divine mastery and personal ascension, as we release the core self of the old karmic game and embrace the new superhighways of celerity towards ascension. The channeling is available on the left-hand panel. (Length: 28 minutes)

28. Mother Mary has come forward with a message for 8-8-10, one which encourages humanity to allow itself to step into new roles of forming new alliances with the self and with groups, as the sand of that which has held you in place now is rapidly eviscerated by the solar light of a new day. The channeling is available on the left-hand panel titled: "Shifting Sands". (Length: 17 minutes)

29. I have a channeled a message and activation from Archangel Metatron for the 7-11-10 Solar Eclipse where he takes you on a journey of refocusing the lenses of your perception and intention, allowing you to anchor in, through a telescope especially constructed for you by him, Lord Melchizidek and Kuthumi-Agrippa, and initiated by Lady Faith, those higher frequency light patterns that are being made available to you at the time portal of the eclipse, that will allow you to reflect, refract and display your radiant light in an unpolarized way, not limited by any polarizing 3D apertures of limitation. The channeling and activation is available on the left-hand panel titled: "Lenses". (Length: 32 minutes)

30. At a channeling session on 6-15-10 the cosmic energies of Sanat Kumara came forward to provide perspective on the upcoming Summer Solstice and Summer Eclipses as unique opportunities to quantumly leap forward in your ascension, as portals for acclerated change are opened. The cosmic attunement connects your cells and mitichondria to the divine cosmic truth of your specific blueprint, allowing you to step forward, as you choose, post the eclipses, with a higher divination of your larger cosmic divine plan at this time of fantastic change. The attunement is available on the left-hand panel titled: "Summer Eclipses 2010". (Length: 34 minutes)

31. For the May 27th Full Moon, Spirit came forward with Elohim energies to provide an attunement to prepare us for the high frequency light waves of change that are coming forward this summer, as Uranus now enters the zodiacal sign of Aries, preparing us to ride the waves of change with grandeur, and with the silver linings of the highest future potentials, alchemizing our sacred hearts with aqueous silver light. This attunement is available in the left-hand panel titled: "Alchemical Elohim Attunement." (Length: 21 minutes)

32. I am offering a FREE meditation that I recorded last year which Spirit has said is very useful at this time of the still point to recalibrate into the new energies of manifesting our highest divine potentials, leaving behind the old fears of limitation. Please click on the link above to listen to the meditation.

Meditation description: Releasing any fears about stepping forward and anger about the past stored in your root chakra, manifesting your passions and crossing the Spiritual bridge to your future, the tree of manifestation and prosperity, a visit to an etheric crystal palace of healing and manifestation where Mary Magdalene provides an initiation to help you manifest your passions with prosperity. (Length: 54 minutes).

A complete list of available recordings is on my Guided Meditations page:

List of Shariq's Channeled Meditations and Activations

33. I channeled a message from Mother Mary on 4-29-10, labelled "A Still Point" in the panel on the left-hand side, in which she discusses the importance of using the current times to let go of the past and work with Gaia to project yourself into a new rotational velocity, as the world turns to a new frequential alignment. To hear the audio recording of the channeling, please click on the link. (Length: 18 minutes).

34. I channeled a message from Mother Mary for 4-4-10, labelled "Truth" in the panel on the left-hand side, in which she brings forth a vibration of allowing you to see the truth that will indeed set you free. To hear the audio recording of the channeling, please click on the link. (Length: 19 minutes).

35. I channeled a message from Mother Mary on 3-11-10, labelled "Doorways" in the panel on the left-hand side, in which she provides a context for the process of change we are going through. To hear the audio recording of the channeling, please click on the link. (Length 18 minutes).

36. I channeled a Valentine's Day Meditation on February 14th, 2010 in which Mother Mary discusses the importance of self-love, and Goddess Ishtar takes you on a soul-retrieval journey where you heal and bring back to the light aspects of yourself that have been neglected, thrown away. Also, the planetary consciousness of Mercury provides an attunement using sacred geometry to crystallize a quantum leap in your connection with your Higher Self. This attunement is meant for certain lightworkers. You will know if it calls to you. I am offering this special attunement for $13. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing a copy of the MP3 audio recording of the session (approximately 1 hour long).

37. At my seminar, “Awakening To Your Divine Self” on 1-29-10, Ascended Master Kuthumi came forward and offered a simple meditation for healing yourself with color. According to Kuthumi, during this time of accelerated change, it is important to take control of moving lower vibrational energy patterns actively from our space, as we encounter situations in our external world that resonate and remind us of these deep hurts. As this meditation begins, you are asked to focus on a specific fear or hurt that has been bothering you, and see where it seems to be located in the body. Then, Kuthumi takes over and guides you in a self-healing process. An audio recording of this meditation can be heard by clicking on the link on the left-hand panel.

38. Also at this seminar, Mother Mary came forward with a meditation for connecting to and aligning with your Higher Self. This is the meditation she had referred to in her 1-26-10 channeling, “Nesting, Rooting, Knitting”. At this time of change, getting your information, as she suggested in her channeling, becomes very important, to help you navigate through times of self-doubt and confusion. An audio recording of this meditation can be heard by clicking on the link on the left-hand panel.

39. Several people have asked me for a recording of the "running energy" exercise with which I start all meditation sessions. I have provided a free copy of this in the left-hand panel. As the light waves intensify, and move old energies from your body, it is important to run grounding Earth energy and golden Father Sky energy through your body every day to help these energies release from your chakras and aura and run down to the Earth. Otherwise, your electrical body system might become a bit static. Please enjoy the recording, and use it as often as you like.

If you need a refresher on the body's chakra system, please look at my descriptions of these by following the link below:

The 7 Traditional Chakras

The Shift

As we watch transformations in the economy and our society, with the restructuring of financial institutions and the election of the first African-American President, we all have a sense that a momentous change is ongoing. Shariq sees this change as a Shift in Consciousness.

The human experience on the third-dimensional game we have all been playing is about to Shift to another level. Some people refer to this event as the 2012 Mayan prophecy.

From Shariq's perspective, it will simply be a Shift in consciousness as humans move towards receiving messages from their guides, trusting their intuitive insights and finding out that they are more magnificent and glorious than they had ever believed. With these insights they will find the courage to step forward without fear and manifest a life expressing their true passions, knowing they can create the money and abundance they need to support themselves.

Creating the Light Body

One of the symbols Shariq has channeled is “The Symbol of Transition” which is used at appropriate points during the Golden Sun Healing process in the Mediumship/Ascension chakra to start rewiring your body for the increasingly stepped up energies that are entering our planet as part of the Shift in Consciousness to The Golden Age.

By clearing your aura and chakras of self-limiting blockages, through energy healing work, you create space in your body to start bringing in additional aspects of your expanded self that lives in higher dimensions. You discover new skills and talents that you never expected. You start developing additional chakras in what becomes a Galactic-chakra system and raise your body to higher and higher frequencies. You start developing what is called a Light Body and become psychic, connecting with your guides at will

Once the light body is established, you realize that all humans are one, that we are all connected, and that we should all love and care for each other.

This is a grand moment in time that we have been preparing for over many lifetimes.

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